Become eco-friendlier today.

Becoming eco-friendly is a hot topic. But really, what it takes to be “eco-friendly” these days? We have seen celebrities like Emma Watson wearing fully recycled styles and maybe that example is an extreme measure for you and me, but we all can start with very simple habits to become eco-friendlier.

Some easy and on-the-go habits you can start adopting today:

  1. Play outside. We definitely need to do this more often and that’s the reason it’s my number one in the list. We complain all the time about having nothing to do but I’m sure you have a park close to your house you just never visit. Rent a bike, go for a run. It’s even more fun if you do it with a friend or with your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  2. Turn off lights, save as much water as you can, and unplug all unused appliances and electronic devices. Just do it. It really helps.
  3. Buy a reusable water bottle and actually use it. Stop buying bottles every day/week at the corner’s store. You’ll see you’re saving money and helping to reduce pollution.
  4. If you get to choose, go for local businesses or for the ones that are trying to reduce their impact on the planet. This point became trendy a few years ago. Costumers in general, we tend to reward this kind of behavior in companies.
  5. Recycle your cell phone. Approximately 140 million cell phones are replaced every year and the average use of them is 18 months. Donate yours.
  6. Pay your bills online. It’s also super practical!

Get involved! Create your own habits and share them.

V by V.

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