Violence. Why we are making it an option.

I thought I would be long before I started writing about this matters. But I couldn’t wait. Today is a sad day in my country and in a lot of hearts because of the death of an innocent girl.

Violence is a hot topic in my country, Mexico. I bet is everywhere. It’s so sad that, as individuals, we haven’t made peace with each other. How could we? we’re in a context in which war between countries is about seconds to start. The media doesn’t help, every year we hear more and more about bullying through Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks.

Insecurity is the most terrifying thing a person can experience. Isn’t it enough to be afraid about fulfilling society’s standards? Do we really need to be terrified of each other? It takes huge amounts of energy from us.

Women, we feel it deeply. And most of the times we think we’re alone on this matter, that’s why we fight so hard for equality. But men are victims too. They have had mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters victims of violence. That’s not easier for them to see what’s happening in the world and we shouldn’t be fighting against each other for rights.

I have been reading Work Rules (Lazlo Bock) and Leaders Eat Last (Simon Sinek), they both make an approach to Stanley Milgram’s study: “Some Conditions of Obedience and Disobedience to Authority” (I strongly recommend to read it) in which the results are just discouraging. The experiment was inspired by the question “How the Holocaust could have happened?” and it received critics for being unethical.

It proved that 65% of us, humans, are able to go through a task and actually kill someone just because we are following orders.

Has ever not known a person made it easier for us to leave him or her out? Do we behave differently in person than through social networks? Have we ever witnessed something that wasn’t right and we didn’t say something about it?

Every time we’re doing this we are failing. We are making violence an option.

What can we do? take effort on giving your two cents to the world: stop following the masses and dare to do the right thing even if it isn’t the most popular choice. Stop sharing violence. Share love.


#NiUnaMas #MaraCastillo

– V by V.

One thought on “Violence. Why we are making it an option.

  1. certainly human beings have become enveloped by the maelstrom of social networks and the media. With this we have lost the capacity of wonder at what is ethical and what is not; what damages our fellow men and what can claim them.
    Social and media networks have been created as a means to a later goal, which should definitely be peace, healthy harmony and coexistence of all.
    Thank you for this reflection and for inviting me to share my two cents. Maybe a very devalued currency, but they are not without great value if they are to help remedy these situations.


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