Good things take time

I once read, that there are alternate versions of ourselves. In life, when you make a choice you can’t know for sure how the outcome would have been if you’d chose differently. These alternate versions do know, and they live by it.

In our own versions, the real ones, we don’t get to have second opportunities for the moments of our lives. Sometimes, we just need to take a road and forget about the ones we didn’t take. 

We all have our own very very very scary what if: what if I had gone to that party or to that date? what if I’d had stay with that person? what if I had moved away from my hometown?

Timing and choices are the tiny little things that make big differences in our lives. 

Millennials, we are famously known for being impatient. We don’t like to be told that is not our time or that we need to wait for certain things. We believe in the do it and in the go for it. Time and space had become relative for us but I think the main reason we act like this is because we believe in second chances.

Timing is the reason a lot of things don’t work out at a certain moment but let me tell you something else:

Some of the great and amazing moments of our lives are not necessarily the things we do, they are the things that will happen to us just because of good timing. Sometimes we call it destiny, fortune or just by its name: timing.

We can’t control the timing, but choices we can.

Choices are what we are made of. These roads we do take, lead us to more roads, to more moments and that’s how our lives are built. We don’t always make the best decisions, it’s obvious. There are so many roads and it is just impossible for us to be right


Yes, I have bad news, we can’t control the timing and we’re destined to fail because we can’t always make the best choices. It’s funny that we are all in the same situation and still, having an unperfect life is frowned upon.

The good news is that is not about making the best decisions. Maybe it’s about understanding that we all live with some regrets and some failures, and that’s ok. Really, that’s ok. What is not ok is to live by them, don’t be afraid to take a chance because in your past you got hurt, you can also be losing the best opportunity of your life and adopting a new what if? Fear should always be the last resource you use to make a decision.

Timing is personal and everyone has it’s own, don’t rush into things especially if you are doing it just because you think society demands it. 

Good things take time, be patient. Because even if you break every single clock in the world trying to prove your timing with something or someone is not wrong, at the end you’ll find yourself with a lot of wasted time.

Always remember that the best is yet to come.


-V by V.


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